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Hello, I'm "CAD" Robert! 

Having grown up as the son of two dental supply entrepreneurs, I have been immersed in dental technology since my childhood.  

Following my time at Georgia State University, having already witnessed and taken part in the developing CAD/CAM dental technology, I went on to found my own specialty all-digital dental laboratory at the age of 23.   

Over the following ten years, I formed key connections and alliances with leaders in the industry such as Exocad, Medit, and many others.

I am an experienced 
exocad trainer, former head of the North American Medit Service Center, overseen the production of over 50,000 cases, and led accredited technology courses at dental meetings across the Southeastern United States.  

My passion for technology continues to drive me toward pursuing the latest innovations and advanced techniques, especially those that involve digital design and 3D printing. 

I believe that the strongest foundation for any team comes from the intersection of innovation and experience, and the future of the dental industry belongs to those who firmly embrace both. 

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